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This GIANT 433 page course is jam packed with all the jealously guarded,never before disclosed proprietary secrets of experts like:

Ted Nicholas, Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, Joe Vitale, Karen Anderson, Don Bice, Bob Bly, Larry Chase, Marty Chenard, T. Harv Eker, Randy Gage, Don Hauptman, Dr. Audri Lanford, Dr. Jeffrey Lant, Mike Pavlish, Brad Petersen, Russ Phelps, Murray Raphel, Bob Serling, Brian Voiles, Pamela Yellen, Dr. Paul Hartunian, and Declan Dunn

Each of these master copywriters give you a blow-by-blow account of precisely how they conceive and create winning ads, sales letters, and web marketing pieces. Many years and hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent to develop, test, and finely hone these new strategies into consistently powerful winners that produce maximum sales and maximum profits.

You'll discover the closely guarded secrets that these master copywriters use to vastly outperform their competition time and time again:

Regardless of whether you're a complete beginner who has never written a single word or a seasoned pro who writes copy for a living, this intensive training will turn you into a master of maximum sales, maximum profit copy.

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Why spin your wheels with weak, ineffective concepts and copy? Marketing is much too time consuming and expensive to risk getting poor results. Now there's a better way. Because now you can "team up" with 23 of the most successful copywriting and marketing experts in the world and use their proprietary secrets to maximize the selling power of every ad, sales letter, and web marketing piece you create.

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My friend and mentor and master copywriter Bob Serling has completed a powerful new course that will show you, step-by-step, everything you need to know to craft the tightest, toughest copy imaginable. Copy that sells and sells - and sells some more! It's called the How To Write Million Dollar Ads, Sales Letters, And Web Marketing Pieces That Sell Like Crazy.

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You actually see their best sales pieces dissected before your eyes... You get inside the heads of the 23 experts as they explain ' exactly' why their best sales pieces work so well. They reveal exactly what was going on in their minds when they wrote each component... And then you discover how you can easily put their system to work for you. (The keyword here is "easy" - you even get an amazingly simple 14 step sales letter formula that you can start using right away!) I know, effective copywriting used to be hard - but now these guys literally give you all their secrets and help you break it down into a simple, powerful step-by-step system ... Armed with this formula you'll be able to create sales pieces that bring in massive results for you from day one.

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Internet Marketing EXPOSED

23 Super Star Copywriters Reveal the Techniques, Offers, Guarantees, Risk Reversals... and Every Strategy They Have Used To Sell Countless Millions of Dollars Worth of Goods and Services

Here's A Brief Peek At The 23 Super Star Copywriters and Just A Few of the Secrets You'll Discover:

Ted Nicholas

Ted Nicholas is widely regarded as the foremost authority on space advertising in the world. And rightfully so, since his space ads have produced over $200,000,000 in sales! Ted is perhaps the highest paid copywriter and speaker per word in the world. He has earned as much as $500,000 from a single 1,000 word ad. He has invested over $100,000,000 in tests to find exactly the right words that suck money out of people's wallets over and over again.

Ted generously lays out the complete details of how he creates, tests, and modifies space ads to produce world class profits. He goes step-by-step through two completely different full page ads for his book, "Magic Words That Bring You Riches".

You'll get a superior education on how to make all your own space ads as profitable as possible. From writing powerful media selecting a high-profit choosing and homing in on the most profitable the best guarantee closing for maximum sales, Ted leaves no stone unturned.

Joe Vitale

Joe Vitale is an explosive "results only" marketing consultant and one of the first copywriters to pioneer successful writing techniques specifically for the Internet. He has helped over 200 authors and publishers write, publish and promote their books. Joe's reputation for writing powerful copy is well known! One of his sales letters achieved a record-breaking 91% response. One of his ads brought in 500 responses in only 30 days.

Joe is the author of several books, including:

Learn how Joe Vitale breaks all the rules and uses a simple, 2-page letter to sell a $795 product. Plus, he reveals his secret for creating "publicity style copy" to make impressive sales with e-mail marketing.

Bob Bly
Bob Bly's copywriting and marketing savvy have sold almost every business product and service imaginable for scores of Fortune 500 companies. He's also worked wonders for smaller businesses and entrepreneurs.

Bob is the author of more than 45 books including The Advertising Manager's Handbook (Prentice Hall), Business-To-Business Direct Marketing (NTC Business Books), and The Copywriter's Handbook (Henry Holt & Co.). Other titles include Power-Packed Direct Mail and Successful Telephone Selling, both from Henry Holt & Co., and Keeping Clients Satisfied, from Prentice Hall. You'll benefit immensely from this powerful information.

Larry Chase
Larry is one of the original pioneers to open up shop on the Internet way back in 1993. Since he's been around the Net longer than most, the news media seeks him out regularly for his insights into the Internet. Business Week, The New York Times, USA Today, Inc. Magazine, CBS, CNBC, CNN, and scores of trade magazines and newsletters either quote him, or syndicate his columns and reviews.

Larry publishes Web Digest For Marketers, the first online marketing newsletter. Its reviews are read by over 80,000 people monthly. Over 500 web sites point to it in any given month.

Larry reveals his battle tested techniques of how to use press releases to drive massive traffic to your website. You'll see an example of a powerful press release that brought in thousands of subscribers (currently more than 125,000) to his Web Digest For Marketers online newsletter. This is a masterful example of using the hook of a free service to drive a lot of traffic to your web site.

Marty Chenard
Marty is a 27 year veteran of Direct Marketing and has generated over 2 billion dollars in direct marketing revenues in the last 13 years. He is the author of The Course on ... Advanced Direct Marketing, and the developer of ResponseDoubler Software, PriceVolume Predictor, and PowerMarketing Analyzer

Marty demonstrates exactly how to use postcard mailings profitably and an ingeniously simple sampling technique to win paid subscribers to a newsletter.

Karen Anderson
Everyone is talking about the power of endorsed mailings these days. You'll learn the little known secrets of how to use endorsed copy and offers to create an explosion of sales on the Internet.

Randy Gage
Randy is recognized around the world as the pre-eminent expert on the direct selling industry. His dynamic, totally customized and compelling programs are dead on, tailored exclusively on how to break through to sell more and build confidence.

No other person can bring Randy's industry experience, knowledge and passion to the table. He speaks from the experience of a high school drop out, who became a self-made millionaire.

Author, Randy Gage has sold tens-of-millions of dollars worth of products and services for himself and his clients. Study Randy's powerful space ad that made his book on multi-level marketing a best seller. Plus a sales letter that shows you how proper bending of traditional marketing rules can produce exceptional results.

Dr. Paul Hartunian
Paul Hartunian is a whiz at showing people how to get mountains of free publicity for their online and offline businesses. He has shown thousands of people how to use publicity to make sales, get leads, rocket businesses to all time highs, and even become celebrities. His techniques require no special skills, no "insider contacts," and little or no money. You'll learn his secrets for creating low-cost inserts that produce impressive profits. Paul reveals how to create a substantial six-figure income with this simple technique.

Don Hauptman
Don is known the world over for his classic headline and campaign "Speak Spanish [French, German, etc.] Like a Diplomat!" that sold tens of millions of dollars worth of language courses. He shares a new space ad that's being used to sell a famous information product. Use his proven formula and watch your sales skyrocket overnight.

Dr. Audri Lanford
Does long copy sell? You bet it does. Discover how Audri an expert on both the technology of the Internet and results-oriented marketing uses a 30-page "reportlet" to create a large volume of sales.

Audri Lanford is the CEO of NETrageous,Inc.and has one of the most successful sites on the Internet. Her vast knowledge of copywriting and marketing on the Net has garnered coverage in over 100 publications including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Business Week. A master of proven, low-cost web marketing techniques, Audri reveals how she uses a 30 page "reportlet" to create a massive explosion in sales. If you are wondering whether long copy still sells you'll find out from Audri that it does and you'll learn how you can use her secrets to start making more sales and profits immediately.

Dr. Jeffrey Lant No-holds-barred advice from a marketing legend on how to make the Internet and e-mail marketing produce impressive profits.

Mike Pavlish
Discover the inside secrets of selling through magalogs, the format all major newsletter publishers rely on to build huge volumes of subscribers.

Brad Petersen
Here's a problem everyone wishes they had. Brad,one of the finest and most effective direct marketing copywriters in the business explains the mechanics of a 2-page space ad he created for a client that sold so many pool cues, they couldn't produce enough product to fill all the orders and had to stop running the ad!

Brad takes you on a blow-by-blow account of how the sales letter was created. He pulls no punches, showing you explicitly what should be included in all sales letters - and equally important, what should be avoided at all costs! This candid case study is packed with tips and techniques that will increase the sales and profits of any business.

Russ Phelps
Discover the secrets of successful tear-sheet mailings by one of the most successful copywriters in the country.Russ has written thousands of marketing pieces for direct mail, print, publicity, Internet, TV, radio, back-end marketing and ancillary marketing for more than 600 clients nationwide since 1978 - including Fortune 500 companies and many smaller businesses and entrepreneurs. Learn how you can use his secrets to start making more sales and profits immediately.

Murray Raphel
Marketing legend Murray Raphels is one of the world's leading experts and sought after speakers on supermarket advertising, marketing and promotion. He travels 200,000 miles a year throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and the Pacific Basin as a speaker on marketing for retailing, direct marketing and financial/insurance groups; and the food industry.

Murray reveals how he used a one page letter he created to sell over 5000 copies of a hard-cover book.

Don Bice
Don Bice has a classic two-step direct marketing campaign that regularly produces over eight dollars for every dollar invested in marketing. But what's even more remarkable is that it's produced these profits like clockwork month after month for over seven years!

For the first (and only) time, Don has agreed to share his secrets of success. Don's entire strategy and full campaign is carefully dissected to show you how to use these ideas to cash in to the fullest.

Everything's here - Don's space ad, his sales letter, his two brochures (and the reasoning behind having two different brochures in the same package), his lift letter, and his order coupon. Don breaks each piece down block by block, revealing his inside secrets you can use to create a perennial, high profit blockbuster of your own!

Pamela Yellen
Pamela Yellen is CEO of the New Mexico-based Prospecting & Marketing Institute, Inc., which specializes in helping insurance and financial consulting professionals dramatically increase their sales and productivity. She has spoken at every major industry meeting including NAIFA, MDRT, LAMP and to more than 1000 insurance groups throughout the world. Advisor Today calls Pamela one of the industry's top prospecting gurus.

You'll learn how Pamela's uses a unique two-step "upgrade selling" technique - using a free or low-cost report to identify prospects, then sell them high-ticket items through the report. A powerful weapon to add to your marketing arsenal specially if you sell high-ticket items..

Brian Voiles
Brian’s best selling copywriting course, “Advertising Magic: The Complete Guide to Creating Hot Ads and Sales Letters That Work” is directly responsible for more peoples’ online and offline success than any other program ever created! Brian's ad writing techniques work - and his track record of "top-dog" clients speaks for itself. He has written for:

. . . and many other multi-millionaire marketers and corporations."

Brian's approach to coming up with successful postcard campaigns is completely different than anything you've ever seen, read, or heard before. Now you won't have to spend a small fortune to learn his secrets of how to use a simple postcard mailing to bring in a phenomenal $26.97 for every dollar invested in marketing.

Declan Dunn Declan is a leading authority on substantially increasing sales with affiliate programs. He's one of the most effective Internet marketers and copywriters you'll ever meet. A widely sought after speaker and consultant to companies like PriceLine, CNET, and Travelocity, as well as hundreds of small to medium-sized businesses.

He is also the author of "The Complete, Insiders' Guide To Affiliate and Associate Programs", publishes the monthly online newsletter "Links to Sales", and is a nationally sought after guest lecturer.

Declan obliterates the myth that only low-cost items can be sold online and shows you how to sell high-ticket products on the Internet.

Dan Kennedy Dan is the "hidden genius" behind full-page magazine advertisements you've undoubtedly seen, direct-mail campaigns you've received and TV informercials you've seen. In addition to all the advertising and direct-mail Dan prepares for his own products, services and businesses, there are hundreds of clients using marketing materials Dan has prepared for them. His full-page ads have appeared and do appear in magazines like Inc., Success, Entrepreneur, Moneymaking Opportunities, Nations Business, the airline magazines, the tabloids, USA TODAY, The Wall Street Journal, and countless trade magazines.

Dan Kennedy routinely commands no less than $9,200.00 for the simplest letter or ad to $25,000.00 to $50,000.00 per copywriting project, plus royalties. And he literally has a waiting list business, with clients standing in line and patiently (or impatiently) waiting for him to fit them in. Dan has been paid as much as $50,000.00 in royalties from one letter. Nearly 70% of all clients hiring him to write copy once, return and continue.

Using one of his spectacularly successful direct mail letters, Dan demonstrates how the magic of the word "free" coupled with an almost too-good-to-be-true offer moves a lot of product. These ideas alone could translate into thousands of dollars of extra profits you would not have earned without these powerful techniques and insights.

As I've already mentioned, everything in this powerful resource has been proven in the marketplace. You'll see precisely how each piece was created, what structure was used, and the logic behind each critical decision. More importantly, you'll be able to take the lessons from each piece and apply them to your own copy for maximum results.

Literally a goldmine of easy to use, step-by-step copywriting tips, tricks & tactics that will increase anyone's sales and profits exponentially.

Consider your investment a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you are going to lose in your lifetime without this powerful multi-million dollar, street-smart education.

It certainly has a top spot in my library and I have no doubts that it will pay for itself many, many times over. A definite A+++

Alan Fukuda

In Addition To This Multi-Million Dollar, Street-Smart Education - There's More Still!

I think you'll agree that the multi-million dollar ideas I've just told you about are far and away the most comprehensive collection of proven, high-profit copywriting and direct marketing strategies you'll ever find. But I want to remind you that this is just a partial inventory of what you'll find in this comprehensive course. There's much more than I have space to elaborate on here.

For example, you'll also get the following components that will kick your copywriting skills up to an even greater level of profitability:

Benefit from the Four Major Selling Principles. Getting your prospects to take the action you want is much easier when you understand and apply these powerful principles. Put them to work in your copy and watch your leads and sales skyrocket!

Increase the selling power of all your copy by creating maximum response offers. I'll let you in or a major secret. In today's market, your offer makes or breaks your success. Crafting a powerful, highly profitable offer is easy when you understand how. You'll get comprehensive details on how to do just that and start enjoying greater sales volume right away.

Pump up your profits with the Direct Marketing Power Formula. You'll get detailed, step-by-step instructions for creating high profit sales pieces with minimum effort.

Insider's tips for creating powerful offers, guarantees, order cards, bonuses and everything else it takes for a winning sales package.

Create Compelling Headlines Instantly. You'll discover what's crucial to include in every headline, what to absolutely avoid, and ethical ways to "swipe" winning headlines from other ads and sales letters. Find out everything you need to create powerful, believable, high-impact headlines and start enjoying increased profits right away. When you're done with this section, you'll be a master at creating headlines that sell much more of what you have to offer.

How an ingeniously simple technique called "shifting the risk" can double or triple your sales immediately. One of the greatest barriers to making the sale is your prospect's natural skepticism. They've been lied to, cheated, and burned by unscrupulous businesses more times than they care to remember.

You'll learn how to overcome this serious problem by "shifting the risk" completely off the customer and onto you - plus how to eliminate almost all real risk at the same time, and double or even triple your sales.

Discover how to avoid crucial copywriting errors that doom your promotions to be shot directly to the recycled file or trash bin. These days, one thing is certain. The marketplace is unforgiving. If your copy slows your prospects down, confuses them, doesn't hammer home the benefits as powerfully as possible, or makes them work too hard - you're doomed.

Discover which crucial errors you absolutely have to avoid at all costs. And find out how to turn them around and add yet even more weapons to your Internet copywriting arsenal.

There's more... Much more including all the insider techniques for writing powerful sentences and paragraphs... how to identify your most compelling benefits... how to make optimum use of visuals and graphics... how to check copy to make sure it will sell before you ever invest a cent in it... proven testing methods for squeezing every last dime of profit out of your copy... and even more than I have room to go into here but I'm sure you get the picture.

"One word -- WOW! I was truly amazed at the amount and quality of the information provided in this great course. Copywriting is not my strong suit -- therefore I've bought several courses, eBooks, and memberships.....if only I had found this one first! Once again, Colin -- a truly superb course"

Diane Hughes
President, HNB Resources

Here's How Profitable These Techniques Have Been For Others -- In Hard Dollars And Cents!

Now I realize I'm making some awfully big promises here. And I certainly don't expect you to just blindly take my word for it. So, listen to how well these strategies have worked for the individuals and businesses who've used them.


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"The results were phenomenal!"

"You increased our sales by a whopping 328%!"


"... This is truly a masterpiece"


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FREE BONUS #1: Marlon Sander's Direct-Response Advertising Success Seminar

In this audio seminar, marketing giants Marlon Sanders, Declan Dunn and Jonathan Mizel reveal exactly how to make more money in less time, and how to avoid the kind of profit-killing mistakes that bury most online businesses. The course is packaged as a double audio set and retails for $197.00 but you get instant access to these profit-boosting ideas absolutely FREE!

If you order right now, we'll include this fantastic bonus at no additional cost. Whether you are marketing on the Internet or using conventional strategies like direct-mail and display advertising, you'll want Direct-Response Advertising Success Seminar in your profit arsenal.

FREE BONUS #2: Inside Secrets To Marketing On The Internet

Three leading experts on Internet marketing and copywriting. Dr. Audri Lanford, Joe Vitale, and Declan Dunn reveal their jealously guarded secrets on how to make all of your Internet marketing more profitable. Here's just a fraction of what you'll discover on these three separate, one-hour interviews:

The 'hard-copy' of this 3-tape set sells at $99 when it's sold on its own. But it's yours FREE and you'll get instant access to this powerful information! (Real Audio required)

FREE BONUS #3: The 8 Key Secrets To Consistently Getting Tons Of Free Publicity - And How To Use It To Send Your Sales Through The Roof!

Free publicity can be a powerful tool for growing your business. Not just because it's free, but for the tremendous credibility that comes with media coverage. The good news is, getting all of the free publicity you need is a game. The only problem is, the rules of the game haven't been clearly stated - until now. This bonus report will give you a professional publicist's arsenal of tools for winning all of the free publicity your business needs.

You'll find out how to create a simple, powerful publicity plan, what to do to easily double or triple the amount of coverage you get, and a wealth of hot tips and techniques for converting publicity to increased sales. This report normally sells for $20. But it's yours free.

FREE BONUS #4: Marketing Legend Ted Nicholas' Self-Publishing And Copywriting Secrets.

If you've been around direct marketing at all, Ted Nicholas' name is familiar to you. Ted's success with space ads and direct mail is legendary. He has single-handedly created campaigns that have sold over 200 million dollars worth of books for his company. Bob Serling had the pleasure of interviewing Ted for an hour. The interview yielded a 21-page report called, Ted Nicholas: Self-Publishing And Copywriting Secrets.

In this unique report, Ted shares the secrets of succeeding in self-publishing. Not just as a primary business, but also as a way of generating huge amounts of qualified leads for your existing business. Then Ted digs in and shares the secrets he's used to create the copy that sold 200 million dollars worth of his books. Some of the topics Ted covers in great detail include:

Quite simply, Ted tells all!

If you want to profit from the experience of one of the most successful direct marketers ever, don't miss this riveting report. A bargain at its normal selling price of $20, it's yours free.

FREE BONUS #5: Reprint Rights to The Magnetic Sales Letters Book-The Ultimate Collection of Winning Ads and Sales Letters

If you order now, you'll get the reprint rights to an unbelievable collection of some of the most profitable ads and sales letters ever written by the most successful copywriters in the industry. Almost 300 pages of hard-hitting material you can use to get tons of hard-selling ideas for your own use. I have sold these reprint rights for $397 but if you act quickly you'll get the reprint rights to this KILLER book absolutely FREE! Mind you this is the very same book that sells well on Ebay and that master marketer Dan Kennedy offers as a bonus with his $697 Copywriting Seminar package. Just tells you how valuable this book is.

You'll get an unbelievable collection of some of the most profitable ads and sales letters ever written by the most successful copywriters in the industry. Almost 300 pages of hard-hitting material you can use to get tons of hard-selling ideas for your own use.

Keep in mind, all these ads and letters have one thing in common: they all contain the exact words and phrases that compel people to send you money. And you too, can use these words and phrases to create a sales letter of your own and cash in on the secret of the mail order millionaires.

Simply "steal" the tested, proven, money-making words and phrases, from Magnetic Sales Letters and use them to quickly and easily create a letter or ad of your own. There's no thinking and no writing necessary - all the work has already been done for you.

You see, I know that each of these ads and sales letters are proven. They've made millions of dollars for the companies who mailed them! Now you can get complete, unedited access to this get-rich library too!

You'll also receive a FREE bonus report entitled 350 of the Best Headlines Ever Written This report is a collection of headlines that have made their authors serious money.

FREE BONUS #6: Reason Why Advertising Manual

This advertising classic written by master copywriter John E. Kennedy is one of the most important marketing books ever written and we are pleased to be able to share it with you. If there is one single book you want to consult before launching a major advertising campaign, this is it. ($29 Value)

FREE BONUS #7: Secrets To Creating Killer Net Ads That Sell

This book is a marketing education in itself. You'll discover easy to use, step-by-step writing tips, tricks & tactics that will increase your sales and profits exponentially. Here's just a fraction of what you will learn:

This ebook sells at the author's site for $29 but as part of a special arrangement with the author it's yours FREE

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You get the reseller rights through our affiliate program to this top notch product that literally every entrepreneur needs. Just two sales is all it takes to quickly get back every penny you invest in this course. That's right. You keep 50% of every sale. I don't have to tell you that two sales is a piece of cake especially when you have the credentials of 23 super star copywriters on your side. Imagine the giant profits you could be making if you already have a super-responsive customer list. Remember the early bird gets the worm - so you better rush if you want to cash in on this super-hot product. I can't imagine a single person with the blood of an entrepreneur flowing through their veins, who could not make some serious money with it.

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There are times when I've felt that writing was like sitting down at the keyboard and opening a vein. And there have been times when I've felt the words would only come after I'd stared at the computer's monitor long enough for drops of blood to appear on my forehead.

If you've done even the smallest bit of writing, I'm sure you've experienced the same feelings I have, right? Well, I'm going to let you in on a little secret... ready? It Doesn't Have To Be Like That Any More!

Never again do you need to suffer the torments of long forgotten words and phrases. Never again do you need to put up with the headaches of brain-fog, writer's block or damned stubborn words that won't do what they're told. Never again do you need to endure endless hours waiting for that right word to make your writing zing. Never again do you have to grope around in the darkness of your mind to find the words you want. A Solution To All Your Writing Woes Is At Hand!!!

It's called Writer's Friend an EASY-TO-USE software-based collection of over 311 Headlines, 1871 Clichés, Phrases and Sayings, 2447 Quotes by famous people and unknown authors and a place to store all your random thoughts and "text bits."

Need a powerful headline for your sales letter, ad or web page, or maybe a title for your book? Forget thumbing endlessly through "headline cards." Open Writer's Friend and use your mouse to browse or search the headline section to be inspired.

Want to make your copy easier to read so it gets better results? Forget the brain-strain. Open Writer's Friend and use your mouse to browse or search the Cliché section for the words and phrases you need. This enables you to write how the "average Joe" on the street talks. And that's Powerful Copy. We have sold (and continue to sell) a ton of this "magic cure for writer's block" at our website for $97 but for a limited time we are offering it free with this course.

FREE BONUS #10: FREE Critique of any/all of your marketing pieces and ads by master copywriter Troy White

How much would it be worth to you to be able to hire one of the world's most sought after copywriters (who has written for multi-millionaire marketers like Ted Nicholas) to put an end to the poor responses you are getting and transform all your ads and sales letters into powerful cash generators?

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Here's the DEAL: When you order the How To Write Million Dollar Ads Course you'll automatically qualify to get a FREE critique of any of the marketing pieces and ads you are currently using by master copywriter Troy White.

He normally charges $750 per critique but after some arm twisting we were able to get him to offer you a FREE Critique worth $750 absolutely FREE!

You see, Troy has written hundreds of marketing pieces for direct mail, print, publicity, Internet, back-end marketing and ancillary marketing for numerous industries and niches. Wondering how good Troy REALLY is? Here is what Ted Nicholas and a few of his other clients have to say:

"Troy has written successful copy for one of my products and is assisting me in my home-study copywriting program. While I'm tough on writers, he is one of the best young copywriters in North America today. I can recommend his services without hesitation"

Ted Nicholas, The King of Print Advertising, Best Selling Author and Speaker

"Your last piece created over $46,996 in revenues for us, within the first 48 hours... not only that... it all happened during the weekend which is absolutely the worst time to launch a new web campaign like this.

Thanks again Troy, I look forward to many more successful product launches with your expertise at my side."

Joel Christopher, Best Selling Author, President,

FREE BONUS #11: Access to my exclusive Power Copywriting Secrets website

You'll also receive a 12 month FREE membership to the Power Copywriting Secrets website. Every month you're guaranteed to receive at least one audio seminar/special report loaded with the latest information on what's working best to sell even more of your products and services both online and offline. You'll get all this plus more if you promise to tell 3 of your friends about How To Write Million Dollar Ads, Sales Letters, And Web Marketing Pieces That Sell Like Crazy this week. Here's just a fraction of what you'll get:

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FREE BONUS #12: Dan Kennedy's Copywriting Clinic

Here's an unprecedented, totally irresistible and unbelievably generous "bribe" It's taken me a lot of arm twisting to be able to include Dan's Copywriting Clinic absolutely FREE with this offer.You get 6 Audios. (sells for $129 on Dan's site right now) A very powerful shortcut, 'crash course' on the ins and outs of copywriting. You'll discover 97 specific tricks-of-the-trade that Dan Kennedy uses to consistently pull in millions of dollars for himself and his clients. You can count 'em as you listen to these tapes. Please note that there is a nominal shipping fee for this bonus.

"I have been in the info-marketing business for years and have, in my quest to write compelling copy bought almost every book there is on copywriting. None of them come anywhere close to this SUPERB course. This is truly a masterpiece"

Felix Ibay,
President, BSA Associates, Markham, Canada

OK! OK! So How Much Is All This Gonna Cost Me?

By now, I'm sure you'd like to know how much this unique and innovative course is going to cost? To be quite honest, you shouldn't be thinking cost, you should be thinking investment. Sit down and ask yourself this question: how much would it be worth to you to be able to create compelling, benefit-packed letters or ads - that you could use to bring in money whenever you needed it? $10,000.00? $50,000.00? $100,000.00?

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Now considering that the value of the bonuses alone comes in at $1914, you might expect to pay in excess of $350 for How To Write Million Dollar Ads, Sales Letters, And Web Marketing Pieces That Sell Like Crazy. But I have good news for you. That price isn't even close. The cost of this unique course is just $197. However, as part of a nationwide marketing test, and for a limited time, I'm taking $100 off the price, so you pay only $97. I think you'll agree this is a tremendous bargain.

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For that low of an investment, to substantially improve the results of all your marketing and to avoid the kind of profit-killing mistakes that bury most online businesses, you simply can't go wrong.

It Gets Better Still - Your Success Is Completely Guaranteed!

Now, in case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, I want to make it foolproof for you. You see, I completely guarantee that the proven strategies and techniques you get from 23 of the country's leading marketing experts and copywriters will work for you. So here's what I'd like you to do. Try this course for one full year with no risk whatsoever. The risk is completely mine.

You can "test drive" every strategy and technique of all 23 experts as many times as you like. Prove to yourself that their wisdom makes a real difference in your sales and profits. If you aren't completely satisfied, I want you to ask for, and get, your money back. And, I'll let you keep all the free bonuses as my way of thanking you for giving this course a try.

That's how confident I am that this breakthrough course will change forever the way you do business and contribute mightily to your bottom line. The truth is, you'll never have to worry about a refund. Because once you use these ingenious, proven techniques and see the huge jump in your profits, I'm betting someone would have to wrestle you to the ground to get you to let go of this course.

"Truly the Ultimate Copywriting Resource you could ever hope to get your hands on. No sane marketer should be without it. Ignore it at your own peril!"

Bob Silber, JD
Author, Lecturer & Marketing Consultant
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

If You Want To Get In On This Limited Opportunity - You Need To Act Now!

If you don't get this powerful course, think of what you'll be missing - all the information mentioned here and a lot more. Your one time investment in "yourself" is a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you are going to lose in your lifetime without this marketing know-how.

Heck, Let me quickly remind you: how many times have you flushed $97 right down the toilet on different kinds of 'textbook-dull' copywriting and marketing courses that failed you?

When you stop and think about it, doesn't it make sense to take advantage of this offer. You couldn't possibly ask for anything more. Plus all of the risk has been taken off your shoulders and placed squarely on mine. So why wait?

If you prefer to pay by check or money order please make your payment out to Success Strategies Inc and mail your payment to:

Success Strategies Inc, 34950 Hwy 58,Eugene,Oregon 97405

Kindly mention the name or ID# of the person that referred you as well as your email address so that we can provide you with the information to download the product that you have paid for.

Remember, How To Write Million Dollar Ads, Sales Letters, And Web Marketing Pieces That Sell Like Crazy will give you the crucial skills you need to kick your sales into high gear starting today. And year after year as long as you're in business!


Collin Almeida

Collin Almeida, President
Success Strategies, Intl., Inc
Toll-free: 877-636-9631 or 541-736-9631

P.S. This is a 100% fail-safe system >instantly delivered to you by the best minds and top performers in the industry - the absolute cream of the crop. Once you discover their jealously guarded trade secrets you'll never again have to spin your wheels writing and rewriting your copy. You'll never again have to settle for poor results because of copy that sucks.

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P.P.P.S: Supplies of the Dan Kennedy Copywriting Clinic audio program is strictly limited and is subject to cancellation without notice. Order now to avoid disappointment.


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